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Tech-Pro’s Adobe AEM / CQ Services

Tech-Pro offers a range of services focused around Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) which includes a Web Content Management (WCM) application formerly known as Adobe CQ. Whether full project work or staff augmentation, Tech-Pro can help you achieve your desktop and mobile marketing needs using Adobe technology. Our AEM / CQ services include:


Architecture & Design
Utilizing our experience and best practices with other projects, we provide the expertise in architecting and designing the best overall solution for achieving your goals. This includes the design of the framework, custom components, data service, etc. needed to support your project.  We keep a keen eye on performance, load and maintenance, and make suggestions on how to overcome these issues.


Project Management
We can help you execute programs and projects aligned with your strategic business and marketing goals using Adobe AEM / CQ solutions.


Requirements Management
We can assist you in refining requirements that better fit the AEM / CQ approach. If you do not have a requirements management tool, we can make recommendations based on your needs that align well with AEM / CQ.


With our experienced team of Java developers, we can assist you with framework and component development as well as integration development including web/REST service integration, etc.


Workflow Configuration & Development
We can help you configure AEM / CQ workflows to support complex content approval needs. We can also incorporation custom Java steps to support special requirements that are not OTB features of AEM / CQ.


Launch Planning
A good understanding of AEM / CQ is important in the launch planning process in order to avoid common issues in the deployment process. We have worked with clients to avoid these issues, develop comprehensive plans, identifying post-deployment activities, sun-setting former sites, etc.


Implementation & Mobile Rollout
Either through hands-on or recommendations, we can assist you with your desktop / mobile site roll-out. We can also help you build AEM / CQ blueprints to port content from your authored desktop site to your mobile site in order to keep then in parity and avoid re-authoring.


QA Testing
We are committed to helping you achieve success by offering test execution, automated regression testing and automated load testing. We can also provide suggestions on performance monitoring tools – even some that can be run in your Production environment.


AEM / CQ Integration with Adobe LiveCycle
As a core offering, we can help you with seamless invocation of Adobe LiveCycle services from within AEM / CQ web applications and workflows using Adobe’s LiveCycle Connector which simplifies using these APIs within the AEM / CQ OSGi environment.


Technical Support
We offer additional protection to make sure you’re equipped with the experience and knowledge to quickly resolve issues with your current and future Adobe implementations.


Web Content Management (formerly Adobe CQ)
Adobe’s intuitive application allows users to easily author, manage and publish across desktop and mobile sites.
Note:  This application was formerly known as Adobe CQ before becoming a part of AEM as of CQ version 5.6.


Digital Asset Management (DAM)
Using AEM’s Digital Asset Manager, all image and video assets are stored and organized in one place. The DAM can also link and publish to Adobe’s Scene7 hosted solution to stream image and video assets from the web instead of through your AEM hosted site which reduces bandwidth requirements and increases performance.


Social Communities
You can easily integrate your AEM application and manage customer blogs, shared calendars, ratings and reviews, communities, and forums including Facebook and Twitter using social plugins.

Tech-Pro LLC, an Artech company, is an Equal Opportunity Employer