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Tech-Pro’s Adobe LiveCycle Services

Adobe LiveCycle® Enterprise Suite 4 (ES4) is a document-centric platform that helps you capture information, process, and integrate with existing back-end systems as well as protect and track sensitive information.  The LiveCycle suite is modular allowing you to choose the components you need.

 Our Adobe LiveCycle services include:

Note:  Adobe LiveCycle ES4 is the backbone of AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) document services and document security add-ons.  Tech-Pro LiveCycle services extend to AEM as well.


  • Architecture & Design
    Utilizing our experience and best practices with other projects, we provide the expertise in architecting and designing the best overall solution for achieving your goals.  This includes the design of all necessary applications, processes and sub-processes, workflow steps, custom components, and integration touch-points needed to support your project.  We keep a keen eye on performance, load, error handling and maintenance, and make suggestions on how to overcome these issues.


  • Project Management
    We can help you execute programs and projects aligned with your strategic business and IT plans using Adobe LiveCycle solutions. 


  • Form & Form Conversion
    We can assist you in upgrading from earlier LiveCycle versions, e-forms software or paper forms.


  • Application & Process Development
    With our experienced development team, we can build your LiveCycle applications, develop processes and sub-processes, supporting forms, schemas, and custom components to support special requirements that are not OTB with Adobe LiveCycle.


  • LiveCycle Integration with AEM / CQ
    As a core offering, we can help you with seamless invocation of Adobe LiveCycle services from within AEM / CQ web applications and workflows using Adobe’s LiveCycle Connector which simplifies using these APIs within the AEM / CQ OSGi environment.


  • ES to ES4 Migration
    As another core offering, we can assist you with LiveCycle ES to ES4 application migration to the preferred AEM / CQ-compatible development model.  We offer a customized method and tools that offer a faster migration with fewer issues.


  • Implementation 
    Either through hands-on or recommendations, we have experienced resources for tailoring and implementing Adobe LiveCycle solutions and assisting or augmenting your existing staff.


  • QA Testing
    We are committed to helping you achieve success by offering test execution, automated regression testing and automated load testing.  We can also provide suggestions on performance monitoring tools – even some that can be run in your Production environment.


  • Customized Forms Training
    We provide both on- and off-site training for Adobe Designer (LiveCycle’s forms creation tool) to quickly educate internal resources on the effective use and best practices of Adobe products.  Within active projects, training can be customized to use your existing documents, data, and environment.


  • Technical Support
    We offer additional protection to make sure you’re equipped with the experience and knowledge to quickly resolve issues with your current and future Adobe implementations.


  • Proof-Of-Concept & ROI Analysis
    We can help you estimate and quantify savings to your total cost of ownership that can be achieved by implementing Adobe LiveCycle solutions.  We can also help you uncover proof-of-concept candidate projects that will help you foster Adobe LiveCycle initiatives in your organization.  ROI is the driving force behind every approach we use to help our clients achieve their goals.

Tech-Pro LLC, an Artech company, is an Equal Opportunity Employer