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ERP Services

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is primarily a unification of business management practices along with modern technology. ERP is a combination of three crucial components: business management practices, specific business objectives and information technology. Our ERP consulting services assist companies to implement the advanced information technologies and adapt their business processes to approved management practices.

The ERP contributes in the betterment of customer care services, to increase ROI, manage overall business and optimize inventories of an organization. The business management executives are provided with an extensive review of the complete business execution, which impacts their decisions in a creative manner. Our innovative consulting enables you to implement ERP per your requirement and offers you consistent help and support.

Our ERP consultants operate directly with the client, by analyzing the situation of their information system and by delivering suitable ERP development solutions. Our ERP consultants have in-depth knowledge about variety of specialized ERP systems world-wide. We are determined to deliver ideal solutions to our clients using onsite, remote-based and/or near shore delivery model for each solution proposal. For consistent multi-location solution implementation, our delivery procedure provides standards, templates and tools. Different work packages are made to come together by experienced project management frameworks, templates, quality processes and communication procedures. Our unique ERP methodology

  • Follows your business/IT strategy and business needs analysis
  • Facilitates you to choose the most appropriate ERP system depending on your requirements.

Our methodology emphasize on following

  • Determining top management goals (business requirement analysis)
  • Identifying the gap between present situation and final business objectives
  • Restructuring business process redesign to provide a path and fill the gap
  • Covering all supported ICT issues
  • Determining top management goals
  • Analyzing resource and available expertise

We provide value to your organization through

  • Selecting of an efficient ERP system
  • Optimizing the current information system
  • Deducing the superfluous procedures
  • Supporting IT-related issues
  • Aligining IT strategy with corporate strategy
  • Reducing costs
  • Enabling technology
  • Achieving operational excellence

Tech-Pro LLC, an Artech company, is an Equal Opportunity Employer