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National Recruiting


ecruitmentOur national recruiting model enables us to find the right consultant for our client opportunities regardless of location. Every opportunity is crucial and Tech-Pro never takes a one size fits all approach.  Our flexibility in dealing with clients and candidates provides the maximum value to both.  We locate the right candidate through our personal contacts, consultant referrals, or other search methods.

Tech-Pro is focused on building long-term relationships with candidates and clients.  We make a personal commitment to get the right candidate for the right client at the right time. The candidate screening and selection is done scrupulously by our recruiters.  An overview of a typical Tech-Pro recruiting process is outlined below


  • Candidate search and locate
  • Recruiter interview
  • Qualify candidate
  • Subject matter expert interview
  • Optional automated skills testing and assessment
  • Target client opportunity review and prep
  • Target client culture review
  • Interview
  • Interview feedback
  • Client acceptance
  • Client requested background/drug testing
  • Engagement start
  • Engagement start review and prep
  • On-going engagement status review
  • Engagement end
  • Engagement end review

Tech-Pro LLC, an Artech company, is an Equal Opportunity Employer