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Product Management

Product lifecycles become shorter as customers become more discerning. Effective product management can increase revenue through distinct product positioning and well-balanced portfolios. Tech-Pro, Inc. offers services to meet the demand of competitive market pressures on software product vendors. Our services work as an extension of your own engineering team to accelerate the creation of software solutions and increase your competitiveness. We help you define and implement innovative product features and functionality to satisfy the ever increasing market demands and launch compelling products that stand ahead of your competition. We do this while reducing marketing and technology risks.
Our product engineering expertise ensures that the software products we deliver are truly an asset. Product engineering services offered by us meet the specific requirements of enterprise software products by applying and extending the principles of standard application development methods. Such products call for additional attention to quality and a robust and flexible architecture. Products are deployed by a wide range of clients across different geographic areas, infrastructures and business sectors and possess the essential features to:
  • Satisfy multi-installation at many sites and to be capable of running on multiple platforms, with permutations of browsers, web-servers, application servers, operating systems, and databases;
  • Support multiple platforms along with different classes of user;
  • Be intuitive and easy to use with minimum training;
  • Allow support by people with limited knowledge of the functionality;
  • Be easy to install and upgrade;
  • Resolve issues of security, network performance, remote support, diagnostics and data modeling is extremely important;
  • Avoid language issues affecting performance;
  • Put configuration over customization;
  • Confine access to authorized users on authorized hardware over a limited time period;
  • Interface with external systems without extensive customization;
  • Support, track and align versions.
To know more about how Tech-Pro’s product management services can benefit your business, e contact us via email or telephone 651.634.1400.

Tech-Pro LLC, an Artech company, is an Equal Opportunity Employer