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Scientific & Clinical Services

Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Device, Environmental, Production, Chemical, Diagnostic, Manufacturing Food & Beverage, and Cosmetics organizations face significant challenges trying to meet the needs that arise in the scientific landscape. These challenges can be daunting and can limit effectiveness if the correct staff is not in place.

At Tech-Pro, we aim on providing staff that are particular to the scientific marketplace. We aim to assist in upholding overall scientific requirements in the nation with the help of resource specialists such as Scientists, QA/QC Managers, Validation Engineers, Microbiologists, Chemists,  Directors, Technicians, etc.

Our scientific services cover the following functional areas:

-Laboratory Support

Inexperienced and inappropriate resources not only delay accurate results and reduce productivity, but also jeopardize health & safety, impacting the bottom line. Therefore, laboratory support calls for a depth and breadth of knowledge to ensure accurate results and increased productivity. In this, we provide perform analysis, testing, reporting, and other activities required during the life cycle.

Our laboratory assistants practice concentrating on upholding your objectives. Whether it is addressing experimental protocols, scientific research, establishing next-generation DNA sequencing instruments, performing training & auditing of QA methods, or ensuring that food & safety needs are met, our candidates get the job done.

Tech-Pro Clinical can provide the resources to enable your success and is passionate about ensuring success. We provide assistance such as:

• Quality Assurance Technicians

• Laboratory Technicians

• Scientists

• Chemists

• Biologists

• Managers & Directors

Our Clinical chemistry convention contemplates on holding up specializations in Environmental, Analytical, and Organic as well as in Inorganic chemistry, making organizations familiar with accomplishments. Our experts cover areas of measurement of chemical composition, improvement in liability of the current Analysis techniques along with, in performing organic extractions & synthesis and having better knowledge of the inorganic elements in order to support the separation, modification and application to products.

Resource specializations within our Chemistry practice include:

• Environmental Chemists

• Analytical Chemists

• Organic & Inorganic Chemists

Biology Staffing:

Tech-Pro Clinical’s Biology practice aims on supplying resources with expertise in plant and animal life study and the influences of changing physical conditions. Here, Quality Assurance plays an instrumental role for. In addition to the capability to manage the daily diagnostic methods and inspection of specimens to accredit and interpret the results, Tech-Pro Clinical Healthcare specialization enables consultants to set a link with hospital staff, clinicians and GPs regarding the management and diagnosis of patients and prevention of infection.

Tech-Pro Clinical’s concern on Quality assurance along with Biology provides the ability to maintain responsibility of QA and the intellectual capital in an organization.

Our Biology practice acquires assistance from specialists listed as:

• Microbiologists

• Biologists

• Managers & Directors

Packaging Staffing

Engineering Staffing:

Our  engineering practice  comprises of consultants with invaluable experience at working in manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, design and construction, pulp and paper, petrochemicals, food processing, environmental health and safety, specialty chemicals, biotechnology and many others to be mentioned.

Our Engineering practice acquires assistance from specialists listed as:

• Mechanical Engineers

• Chemical Engineers

• Managers & Directors

• Validation Process Engineers

Tech-Pro LLC, an Artech company, is an Equal Opportunity Employer