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There is a talent war underway and Tech-Pro help clients achieve staffing performance levels in highly competitive industries in a manner they have every right to expect.  No matter how difficult or complex the requirement is, and no matter how high the volume, Tech-Pro delivers. We deliver results efficiently to help clients achieve their business objectives, with a simplicity in our approach.

Tech-Pro clients do more with fewer resources. We help them successfully align talent supporting their human capital needs and strengthen their talent acquisition function.

There is a talent war underway in our society and Tech-Pro is constantly striving to find the best talent to help our clients achieve their high performance levels in highly competitive industries. No matter how difficult or complex the requirement is, and no matter how high the volume, Tech-Pro delivers. We deliver results efficiently to help clients achieve their business objectives, with a simplicity to our approach.

Tech-Pro’s clients are able do more with fewer resources. We help our clients strengthen their talent acquisition function and successfully align talent to support their human capital needs.

Pass-Through Management Services For those who are looking to consolidate their vendor lists or streamline procurement processes without increasing budgets, Tech-Pro can help. Tech-Pro’s pass-through management services will help to transition critical resources while maintaining teams on specific projects during important acquisitions and mergers.

Payroll Services Tech-Pro’s state of the art systems and methodologies make us an ideal partner of choice when it comes to providing payroll services to your contract employees. Our payroll services streamline the communication and compliance for your contract employees. Our services fulfill your need to work with a partner that helps you manage your contract workforce. Therefore, we work with you as a ‘partner’ and not just a ‘vendor’, reducing your liabilities and management of contract employees. Contact Tech-Pro to learn about the advantages you can receive from our payroll services.

Managed Staffing Services Our state of the art managed staffing services simplify vendor management for those who have multiple vendors with multiple contracts. Tech-Pro has systems that can help clients manage their vendors from requirement through termination. Tech-Pro provides a single point of contact for all vendors, allowing a seamless cost saving alternative to manage your vendor base. So if you wish to reduce your cost and liabilities managing multiple vendors, then contact Tech-Pro to learn how you can benefit from our managed staffing services.

Project Staffing Services Tech-Pro’s project staffing services provide you with the flexibility to help manage resources. Tech-Pro provides a non-billable onsite resource coordinator for those who have contractors from multiple vendors on critical projects. Your entire HR burden, which can be difficult to manage with multiple vendors, will be handled by Tech-Pro’s project staffing services. We have extensive experience in staffing, so your prime focus remains on the project deliverables, rather than on other side tasks. Contact Tech-Pro to effectively manage knowledge transition with our extensive Project Staffing Services.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing Our excellent recruitment process outsourcing services work towards the clients’ need to save time and shorten the hiring cycle. Tech-Pro’s provides direct hire services to supply valuable resources to the client. We help to effectively identify and screen the right candidates, so in the end our client has their “right fit” resources. Our process shortens the hiring cycle to a great extent. So, if you are looking towards reducing your HR cost for hiring permanent placements, then our direct hire services are the answer for you. Contact Tech-Pro to leverage our team of highly skilled professionals to cater to your needs.

Summary Whether it is a shortened time frame, a unique skill-set requirement, or the need for stringent internal controls that is compelling you to look for a partner who can make your objectives an operational reality, get in touch with us to learn more on how to leverage our proven experience and knowledge.

Our services provide clients with the right resources without taking away control they would exercise in an in-house team. Our services are suitable for those looking to minimize risk, administration, and recruitment costs.

Tech-Pro has a collaborative onsite model, along with a dedicated account management team. Together our workforce management services aim to provide our clients with quality resources which are capable of smoothly integrating into your organization. We also provide you the internal control that is required to meet other technology objectives.

Tech-Pro LLC, an Artech company, is an Equal Opportunity Employer